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       Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School



Our Mission:

Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School exists to provide a Christian atmosphere for its students, and a curriculum which promotes love and respect for God, others, and oneself.  We aim to provide a Christian education which promotes opportunities for the fullest development of the student’s physical, mental, spiritual, and social abilities. 


Our Staff:

                        Julie Henson   Principal/Teacher grades K to 8

                        M.A./B.A.  Science Curriculum and Education  Pre-k through the 10th grade

                       Concordia University and Washington Adventist University


Mrs. Henson has 37 years of teaching and administrative experience on the elementary and middle school level.  She has a Professional Teaching Credential from the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Masters in Science Curriculum from Concordia University. She has a passion for teaching young people life skills and for making learning fun.  She believes that especially today's child should have the opportunity to get dirt between their fingers and toes. She wants her students to have the time to be creative and know that learning should be joyful but can often be messy.




Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School

P. O. Box 150/461 Kennedy Road

Port Hadlock, WA  98339

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386-951-9159 - Mrs. Henson's Cell      email:

402-430-0336 - Board Chairman Don Abbey

207-449-0273 - Pastor Collette

Web:  and on Facebook:  cedarbrookadventistchristianschool

COVID-19:  We live in interesting times, and request your cooperation with school, state and county requirements in place to help keep our staff and students safe.  You may not agree with all the requirements, but please try to understand our position and work with us!


Cedarbrook is owned and operated by:

Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

32229 Weyerhaeuser Way South

Federal Way, WA  98001


Michelle Wachter, Superintendent    Ron Jacaban, Associate Superintendent



General Information

Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School is open to all students and their families who are in harmony with the philosophy and objectives of Christian education.  Our school admits students of many religious backgrounds, as well as race, gender, color, or ethnic origin and allows them access to the rights, privileges, programs, and activities offered there.

Entrance Age:  State law requires children to be five years old in order to start kindergarten, and six to start first grade.  Seventh-day Adventists believe that the older a child is when they start school, the more ready they are for school. Starting a child too soon often leads to frustration and a lack of success in school. 

Grade Placement:  All new students will be evaluated using past grade report cards, testing, recommendation forms, questionnaires, and information gleaned in an interview. The teaching staff at Cedarbrook reserves the right to recommend to parents that a child’s grade placement be adjusted to better fit his or her educational needs.  Such a determination will be reached after evaluating the current academic progress and standardized test scores, and following the guidelines set forth in the Seventh-day Adventist Educational Code. Students who are seeking admission to Cedarbrook should be able to work at grade level. Students who require special education programs may not find their educational needs met at Cedarbrook.  Some accommodations can be made, but with our class size and teacher workload, Cedarbrook lacks the resources to meet the needs of some students who are in need of special education. 

Medical Requirements:  A physical examination is required of all students entering the first grade.  Please request that the physician provide a copy of the written evaluation for the school cumulative folder.

Immunizations:  To reduce the impact of infectious diseases Washington State law requires children to meet minimum immunization requirements before being admitted to school.  Cedarbrook recommends children be immunized against Hepatitis B, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, polio, chickenpox, measles, rubella, and mumps.  If a parent chooses not to have their child/children immunized, an exemption form should be completed by your child’s physician and incorporated into the student’s file.

Transportation:  Parents are responsible for transporting their children to and from school.  We will gladly assist you in finding parents in your area with whom you might like to form a carpool.  It is imperative that we know who is authorized to pick up your child after school.  If other arrangements are made for transportation, please let the staff know in advance.

School Visitors:  Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom.  We want you to be a part of your child’s education.  If you would like to visit or volunteer, please make arrangements for this with the teacher in advance.

School Telephone:  The school telephone is a business phone, and not for general use.  Students may use the phone for contacting their parents if the need arises. In case of emergency please feel free to call the teacher’s cell phone.

Field Trips:  Educational field trips are planned to enhance the classroom learning experience.  Parents are often asked to help transport and chaperone students on these trips.  Students must have a signed permission slip on file, and drivers must be cleared by the Washington State Patrol. You may contact Mrs. Henson to get information about the process.

Community Service:  Opportunities are provided for community service which is part of our school’s curriculum. Students are expected to participate.

Report Cards:  Written report cards are issued at the end of each nine week period.  Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their child’s teacher any time they have a desire to meet.  Parent-Teacher Conferences are usually held after the first quarter, and as needed after the third quarter.  We make a great effort to provide mid-quarter progress reports.

Parent-Teacher Communication:  We value communication with you.  Expect a note from the teacher each week with a sample of your child’s work for the week.  This will come home in a folder that we ask you to sign and return to us so we know you have seen it.  If you ever have any concerns, please send us a note, call us, or e-mail. 

Conduct Guidelines:  Because Cedarbrook is a private Christian school, we ask that students refrain from any of the following activities which negatively impact others and may jeopardize their enrollment:  use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, or drugs; use of profanity; sexual harassment; general harassment of another student; destruction or damage of school property; disrespect for another student or staff; disrespect for the property of another student or staff.  Basic Christian courtesy is encouraged and expected.

Dress Code:  We expect the choice of clothing to be in good taste in relation to Christian standards.  Clothing should be modest and not draw undue attention to the wearer.  It should be clean, practical, and in good repair.  Please do not wear extreme styles, torn and ragged clothing, immodest shorts or skirts, tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps, T-shirts with inappropriate words or pictures, or low-cut tops.  Girls should be able to lift their arms and not show their stomach and bend down without showing their chest.  Modesty is the key!  If there is any question as to whether an item is appropriate, please ask the staff BEFORE allowing it to be worn.  If an item of clothing is worn that is not acceptable, the student may be asked to cover it with a baggy T-shirt for the day. Jewelry:  We prefer that jewelry also follow the principal that it should not attract undue attention to the wearer.  The considerations for jewelry should be safety and simplicity.  The larger styles of earrings would be a safety hazard during P.E. and recess. Because eye contact is important to teacher/student communication, no hats or hoodies are to be worn in the classroom.

Attendance Policy:  A written excuse should be provided following an absence, stating the reason for the absence.  A phone call is appreciated if your child will be tardy or absent.  If a student misses school, it is their responsibility, with the parent’s help, to get the missed work made up as soon as possible.  The teacher will provide a list of the missed work when the student returns to school.

Bible Class:  Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Our Bible curriculum teaches basic Christian beliefs.  We value religious freedom, and encourage open discussion during our Bible classes.  We invite families of other denominations to ask their pastor to make presentation about their beliefs in a comparative religions forum during Bible class.  Bible studies are available for any student or parent who wishes additional information on what Adventists believe.

Standardized Testing:  All students in grades K to 8 take the on-line MAP Testing in several sections over the school year.  These tests show how well the students are mastering the basic skills and help the teachers know what scholastic areas need additional work.

Discipline Procedures:  Since the teacher is also the principal, he or she must deal with discipline issues.  Parental back-up is sometimes needed to help a student learn to use self-control.  Working together, our goal is to create a positive attitude and teach students self-management.

Student Behavioral Issues and Probation Policy

            A child’s education is most successful when it is a partnership between the teacher, the parents, and the student.  If one of these players is not on board, learning is compromised.  It is our desire to have Cedarbrook be a quality learning atmosphere where students learn and thrive.  

            If a student is facing academic challenges, the parents must commit to investing regular time at home to assist the teacher in helping bring the student up to grade level.  The student also must be motivated to learn and must keep up with the daily academic program, and not accumulate a list of incomplete assignments. 

            If a student has behavioral management issues, which require the staff to take time away from other students to deal with discipline or behavioral issues, this is not fair to the other students or parents who are paying for a quality education.

            Students who find themselves having difficulty at Cedarbrook will be placed on probation.  There are three types of probation:

            1.  Academic Probation:  If a student is not able to keep up academically with the work load or is failing, they will be placed on academic probation.

            2.  Behavioral Probation:  If a student is disrespectful to staff, disruptive, is unable to exercise self-control, or causes disruptions in the learning of other students, they will be placed on behavioral probation.

            3.  Financial Probation:  If a parent drops behind in their tuition payments so that they are three months behind, they will be placed on financial probation. 

Financial probation will result in the need for monthly meetings with the school principal and a member of the finance committee to evaluate the progress being made.  If adequate progress is not made, the student may be asked to leave Cedarbrook.

Electronic Devices:  The use of electronic devices is not approved at school.  These should be left at home.  They are a distraction and tend to isolate. 

Weapon’s Policy:  Cedarbrook has a “zero tolerance” policy for weapons.  Weapons should NEVER be brought to school.  This would include guns, slingshots, pocketknives, hunting knives, or any other item which could be classified as a weapon. These will be confiscated.

School Closures:  In the event of extreme weather conditions involving snow or ice, school may start late, be dismissed early, or be canceled for the day.  Cedarbrook usually follows the Chimacum School District.  Please listen to the radio, check for an e-mail, or watch a local TV station for this information.  If in doubt, please feel free to call the teacher.  Assignments will be posted on “Jupiter” for students to work on at home for weather related closures, so we don’t have to make up the day!

Illness:  With Covid-19 still around, it is vital that a student not attend school if they are ill.  If your child is running a fever, is nauseated or vomiting, has diarrhea, has a sore throat or runny nose, PLEASE keep them home.  When they are sick they cannot function at school and they expose others, including the staff, to the illness.  Please use common sense in this area.  If a child becomes ill while at school, you will be called to come get them as soon as possible.

Insurance:  Students are covered by school accident insurance while at school or on a school-sponsored field trip.  Your personal insurance should be used first if possible.

School Lunches:  Cedarbrook does not provide lunches.  Students need to bring sack lunches except for specially announced days.  A refrigerator is available for keeping food cold.  Students should bring their own eating utensils, plates, and other items needed for their food.  Beverages containing caffeine as well as carbonated beverages can cause hyperactivity due to the caffeine and/or high sugar content.  We ask that you not send sodas or energy drinks in lunches. 

School hours:  Cedarbrook operates on a four day-school week.  School begins at 8:00am and ends at 4:00pm.  We encourage parents to plan so that students arrive on time.  If they are late, they miss our worship time or disrupt it by being late.  Students should not arrive more than 20 minutes before the start of school and should not be left more than 20 minutes after school dismisses.  If you are delayed, please call us so we know that you are on the way. 

Parent Volunteers:  Volunteers are appreciated at Cedarbrook.  We do not have funding for a secretary or extra help.  If you can help in the classrooms or do some other work around the school, please talk to your child’s teacher.  If you are willing to volunteer in any capacity, or drive on field trips, your help is appreciated, and we thank you in advance. Please notify the teacher of your interest as soon as possible to begin the free background screening process required to ensure the safety of all of our students. 

Daycare Services:  Cedarbrook Early Learning Center offers a school-age after-school program.  Arrangements to use this service must be made with the ELC upstairs.

Fundraisers:  Fundraisers are held during the school year to help raise funds for additional school supplies and activities.  We encourage parents to assist with these fundraisers and appreciate the help. 

Financial Information


Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School is a non-profit organization.  Donations are gladly accepted and are tax deductable.  Some employers will match donations dollar for dollar.

Cedarbrook is financed by three main sources: 

  • tuition and registration fees from parents. 
  • a monthly subsidy and donations from the Port Townsend Seventh-day Adventist Church 
  • A subsidy from the Washington Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

The tuition only covers about 40% of the cost of operating the school.  We have done everything in our power to keep the tuition rates down.  It is our goal to provide a quality Christian education at an affordable price.

Tuition is due the first day of each month, and should be paid before the 12th of the month.  Cedarbrook bills the monthly tuition for 10 months, August to May. 

The registration fee is charged every year, and covers such things as school insurance, part of the school yearbook, library books, computer software and upgrades, textbook rental and the purchase of new workbooks, textbooks, art supplies, and other general school supplies.

If you drop behind in your tuition payments, arrangements must be made to get your statement up to date.  A student may be asked to withdraw from school until the bill is caught up.  Please keep in touch with the principal.  Tuition checks should be given to the principal.

The registration fee is not refundable, but if a student withdraws from school during the year, a partial refund may be available.


Current Costs

Yearly Registration Fee:  $250.00 per child.  This fee is due in August.

Total tuition:  $4250.00 for the school year.  The first tuition payment is due in August.

10-month plan:  $425.00 per month, August through May. 

Monthly discounts for multiple children:  $35.00 off for two children; $70.00 off for three children, and $105.00 off for four children. 

Occasionally an extra textbook fee of $50.00 may be charged to help with the cost of purchasing a complete new textbook series, such as Math or Science. 


Who are we?

Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School is part of a world-wide system of Seventh-day Adventist schools offering education from pre-school through university and graduate school.  Cedarbrook has been in operation for more than fifty years and is committed to high academic standards that meet or exceed Washington State requirements.  We are an approved private school by the state of Washington, and are accredited by the Washington Federation of Independent Schools and by the National Council for Private School Accreditation. 

Cedarbrook is one of approximately 22 elementary and high schools operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Western Washington.  We are a part of what is known as the Washington Conference.  The Port Townsend Seventh-day Adventist Church is a major financial contributor to our program, as is the Washington Conference.  The Washington Conference is part of the North Pacific Union Conference, which includes 6 of the states in the Pacific Northwest.  The North Pacific Union Conference is part of the North American Division, which covers all of North America.  And the North American Division is part of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, which oversees the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church world-wide. 

We are pleased that you have decided to place your child in this system of education where excellence in all areas is the goal!